Our collaboration on The Muse Project included five original poems and stories written especially for the occasion by five exceptional writers from Lighthouse Writers Workshop. I found these pieces astonishing in their range and power!  (We plan to add copies of these poems and stories to our website soon.) The writings explored the concept of muse and memory in various ways, and all of them had an immediacy and relevance that made me feel that myth and meaning are always present in everyday life.

I know that most of the writers (if not all) listened intently to the musical piece that their writing was paired with before beginning their writing. I am intrigued by this process of working across art forms for inspiration, with the aim of creating of something new and perhaps surprising.

For those who attended a performance of The Muse Project (and those who weren’t able to), what are your thoughts about collaborations like this? As an audience member, it’s sometimes hard to know what to expect coming into a collaborative event. Is that a positive factor… or not so positive? What role does surprise play (for good or bad)? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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