I believe that Colorado’s art scene is so vibrant and innovative partly because of an openness to creative collaborations and their possibilities. I also believe the music that the Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado plays is transformed with entirely new dimensions and insights when we partner with artists engaged in art forms that are different from our own. In past seasons, our collaborations with choreographers, dancers, puppet artists, and writers have been richly rewarding and revelatory.

With these beliefs in mind, I am thrilled to be partnering with Lighthouse Writers Workshop and Stories on Stage for The Muse Project. These two outstanding organizations join the BCOC this weekend to create a performance that combines beautiful Baroque music, original work by five of Denver’s best writers, and the power of storytelling.

Our theme focuses on the muses – both ancient and modern – who ignite our imagination. And fittingly, the program will include new five new poems and stories created just for this occasion, as well as a new musical work composed for our ensemble. The creation of new art is one of the joys of collaboration!

Of course, at the heart of our program is the timeless and inspiring music of Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Geminiani, O’Carolan, Eccles, and Fischer. I hope you will join us for one of three performances this weekend!

Frank Nowell


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