“Subtle and brilliant at the same time, they (the Brandenburg concertos) are a microcosm of Baroque music, with an astonishingly vast sample of that era’s emotional universe.” — Ted Libbey

A big thank you to the over 800 people who joined us over the weekend to hear J.S. Bach’s six Brandenburg concertos. I can’t think of a better way to conclude our 2017-18 season!

At the Sunday concert we took an informal poll via post-it notes in the lobby for people’s favorite Brandenburg concerto. The winner in this particular vote was Concerto #4, followed closely by #3 and then #5. The final three — but still getting solid support — were #2, #6 and #1. I especially liked this audience member’s response: “My favorite Brandenburg is whichever one I heard most recently: bright trumpet notes; mellow cello and viola; marathon harpsichord part. All great!”

If you want to add your vote, email me at artisticdir@bcocolorado.org. Let me know what your favorite Brandenburg is, and (more importantly) why!

It was an epic week for our BCOC musicians and guests. We leave Bach for a while, knowing we will be returning to him before too long.

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