A big thank you to all who attended the Baroque Chamber Orchestra’s performances to begin the new year!

After two performances at the Antonia Brico Stage and Bethany Lutheran Church, we moved over to the King Center for three intensive days of studio recordings sessions, in quest of capturing the beautiful music of Corelli and his followers in our third CD recording. To quote one of our musicians, Sandy Miller, “the energy in the recording studio was both intense and joyful, demanding and transcendent.”

Our recordings are an important complement to our live music-making. They are a great opportunity to capture “snapshots in sound” of our ensemble at this point in our story, and to share our own unique take on these exceptional pieces with a wider audience… in Colorado and beyond.

During the week the orchestra was together, I kept thinking about the ways that music is passed on between generations. The violinist Geminiani paid tribute to his teacher Corelli by arranging his opus-5 sonatas, and passed on the tradition to his students, thus expanding “Arcangelo’s circle.”

Today, 300 years later, it’s not really that different. As musicians we often feel indebted to a private teacher or mentor who inspired us. And we hope to pass on what we learned to our own students in turn. Even with all the amazing technology at our fingertips, it’s still about the very human process of passing on an important tradition through mentoring and inspiration.

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